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Watch Apple throw cake, and many other things, at the iPhone 11 Pro in its new ads

September 14, 2019

Via: The Verge

Apple has released two new commercials for the iPhone 11 Pro, both of which show the phone standing up to more abuse than any one phone should ever have to. The first ad below focuses solely on how tough the […]

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Apple working on biometric identification beyond Touch ID and Face ID

September 12, 2019

Via: Apple Insider

Apple has recently filed for a patent detailing aspects of its innovation in the field. Instead of using a hand-shape for a user to authenticate with, long seen in movies and television, Apple is proposing something similar to Touch ID […]

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Will Apple justify the iPhone 11’s camera bump?

September 9, 2019

Via: The Verge

Apple will announce new iPhones tomorrow, September 10th, and this year’s event will have all of the usual trappings of an iPhone introduction, I’m sure. Expect a teaser video that shows you up-close shots of different parts of the phone […]

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Lower iPhone production cost may help Apple absorb 10% tariff

August 26, 2019

Via: Apple Insider

The ongoing trade war between the United States and China has, so far, not affected the iPhone, though one threat of a 10% tariff directly affecting electronics like the iPhone was close to being implemented, before being delayed until December. […]

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States pushing forward on antitrust investigation of Apple, Google, Facebook, others

August 20, 2019

Via: Apple Insider

Up to 20 states are said to be participating in the coordinated investigation, following a preliminary meeting in July. A formal announcement about the effort is expected before the end of September. “The attorneys general involved have concerns over the […]

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Review: The 2019 MacBook Air carries the legacy of the line very well

July 25, 2019

Via: Apple Insider

We’re looking at the base mid-2019 MacBook Air with a 1.6GHz dual-core processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, as we wanted to see what the most cost-efficient machine was capable of. Continuing legacy The MacBook Air is machine […]

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Why Apple’s Macs can now ditch Intel x86

July 24, 2019

Via: Apple Insider

Rapid changes in the chip industry over the past five years Five years ago, I wrote “Five barriers that might hold Apple back from moving Intel Macs to custom ARM chips.” While those factors did explain why Macs haven’t transitioned […]

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Apple to add Time of Flight 3D feature for 2020 iPhones

July 17, 2019

Via: Apple Insider

According to Digitimes, Apple is in talks with its Face ID processor supplier, Lumentum, to bring a Time of Flight sensor to the rear cameras in its 2020 iPhones. Time of Flight scans in a similar way to Face ID, […]

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Apple has made shopping for MacBooks simple again

July 10, 2019

Via: The Verge

Yesterday, Apple did one of those sleepy summer spec refreshes on its MacBooks that usually passes without much fanfare or celebration. No designs have changed, the problematic butterfly keyboard is still around — albeit in a new, improved form — […]


US & China trade deal ‘90% of the way there,’ could be completed soon

June 26, 2019

Via: Apple Insider

The US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says that he’s hopeful China will return to the negotiating table at this weekend’s G20 summit to resolve the current trade war between the two nations. He claims that a deal had been 90% […]