Google Ad Updates Reflect New SERPs

April 9, 2024

Earlier this month, Google changed its definitions of “top ads” and associated metrics. The purpose is to clarify the meaning and dynamic nature of paid and organic listings on search result pages. The changes will not likely impact ad performance. […]

How Amex is entangled in the Visa-Mastercard settlement

April 1, 2024

For years, Visa and Mastercard rules have said that if a merchant doesn’t add a surcharge for all credit card transactions, including those made with another card company such as American Express, then they couldn’t impose a surcharge on Visa […]

Ignite Success: Expert Tips for Dynamic Marketing Promotion Strategy

March 25, 2024

Via: CMSWire

Remember the early days of a romantic relationship? It’s a time of excitement, spontaneity and surprising a cherished one with gifts, much like the initial stages of a marketing promotion strategy. Yet, as time passes, the frequency and impact of […]