Think you know the best page & website building tools? Check out this list

March 12, 2019

Web designers have relied on the advantages website- and page-building tools offer. They save them time and money and make it easier for them to achieve high-quality results. As you would expect, these tools have improved year by year. But […]

Samsung’s Galaxy S resale value dropped twice as fast as iPhone X this year

March 7, 2019

Category: Tech News

A new report by reseller Bank My Cell reaffirms the dramatic difference in resale value between Apple’s iPhones and similarly priced premium Androids from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony, Lenovo, and others over the past year. Resale value is seldom considered […]

69% of e-commerce brands see voice ordering as an opportunity

February 25, 2019

Category: Tech News

The majority of e-commerce brands view voice ordering as an opportunity rather than a threat, suggesting that e-commerce companies should start to look at incorporating it into their future sales strategy. According to Feedvisor’s new survey, 43% of brands strongly […]

Gadgets, Products

iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro: How to choose the best iPad for your needs and budget

March 18, 2019

Via: Apple Insider

The last time Apple updated its iPads, it was easy. The company introduced the new iPad Pros, and if you were in the market for the most powerful, most expensive models, you had your answer. And equally if you didn’t […]

Marketing technology, Technology

Technology changing consumer behaviour is biggest marketing trend

March 18, 2019

Via: Smart Insights

The change in customer behaviour driven by technological developments is the biggest trend that marketers believe will offer the biggest opportunities and challenges in digital marketing. A new survey from ClickZ found that over half (50.7%) of US marketers believe […]


Can VoC Data Easily Integrate With Customer Data Platforms?

March 15, 2019

Via: CMSWire

Two tools in the customer experience professional’s arsenal include Voice of the Customer (VoC) functions and customer data platforms (CDP), which according to the CDP Institute is an industry that will be worth $3.3 billion by 2023. The intersection of […]

Tech News

Facebook’s outage and Google removes 2.3bn ads – News roundup

March 15, 2019

Via: Smart Insights

This week saw Facebook’s family apps get into trouble, leaving billions of people across the world unable to access accounts or upload content. Google has announced that it removed billions of “bad ads” in 2018, although figures were down on […]