Instagram starts bringing DMs to the web

January 14, 2020

Instagram is finally bringing direct messages to the web. Starting today, a “small percentage” of the platform’s global users will be able to access their DMs from Instagram’s website, which should be useful for businesses, influencers, and anyone else who […]

Facebook’s deepfakes ban has some obvious workarounds

January 8, 2020

We’re used to social networks waiting until the damage has already been done before announcing a cleanup effort. When it comes to the synthetic media known as “deepfakes,” they’ve been notably ahead of the curve. In November, Twitter announced a […]

What impact will voice search have on SEO in 2020?

January 3, 2020

With every year seeing new technological developments that shift the boundaries of business, working to take advantage of the new opportunities can be a challenge in digital marketing. One of these transformations in the market has been caused by the […]

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2020 Mobile Industry Predictions

January 13, 2020

Via: DigitalistMag

We just ended the second decade of the 2000s and now look ahead to the 2020s. I expect that the 2020s will not be as roaring as the 1920s were, 100 years ago. But for the mobile industry, we’ve progressed […]

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The Critical Role Of Marketing Executives In Risk Management

January 13, 2020

Via: DigitalistMag

From my experience, marketing executives are often involved in the risk management process quite late, usually to manage the communications aspect of a crisis. Therefore, they are engaged only when the risk has transformed into a critical incident and the […]

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7 Emerging Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch

January 11, 2020

Via: CMSWire

Social media marketing is never dull. Marketers face a raft of choices and challenges, including choosing which metrics to watch to gauge the success of their campaigns, deciding where to allocate resources and more. Marketing on social media can provide […]