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Walmart denies report that it’s taking violent video games off shelves

August 9, 2019

Via: The Verge

IGN reported this afternoon that Walmart is pulling violent video games from shelves, but the retailer confirmed to The Verge that it has not directed stores to remove them or halt sales. Instead, the company is removing signage, advertisements, and […]

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The Galaxy Home isn’t dead: Samsung says it’s working to ‘refine and enhance’ Bixby smart speaker

August 8, 2019

Via: The Verge

It’s been a year since Samsung announced its Galaxy Home smart speaker with Bixby on board, and the device was a total no-show at yesterday’s Unpacked event. But Samsung has confirmed that the project isn’t canceled. “We’re continuing to refine […]

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Google releases final beta for Android Q and changes the back gesture yet again

August 7, 2019

Via: The Verge

Google says that it is “just a few weeks away” from releasing the official version of Android Q. Which means that today is the day for it to release the final beta version, beta 6. There isn’t a ton that’s […]

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Is conversational commerce just hype?

August 6, 2019

Via: Get Elastic

Last summer Priya Anand of The Information published a well-researched report about the rarity of product purchasing done by Amazon’s Alexa users in 2018. The key takeaway: only 2% of those with Alexa-enabled devices actually made voice-directed purchases in 2018 […]

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4 trends to follow for successful ecommerce

August 5, 2019

Via: Get Elastic

Attracting, nurturing, converting and retaining customers are common challenges all ecommerce businesses face. Especially in a highly competitive market, knowing which trends to implement while building your online presence is a way to ensure you are on the right track […]

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ZTE releases first 5G phone in China

August 5, 2019

Via: The Verge

ZTE has become the first phone manufacturer to release a 5G handset in China with the launch of the Axon 10 Pro 5G today, reports state-run news agency Xinhau. Announced back at MWC in February, the Axon 10 5G comes […]

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Improve customer experience with Progressive Web App benchmarks

August 2, 2019

Via: Get Elastic

The majority of shoppers have moved from desktop to mobile. And, we know that the conversion rate for mobile shoppers on a responsive site is about a third of what it is from desktop shoppers. However, for innovative retailers trying […]

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Automation Is Key to Delivering Consistent Customer Experiences

August 1, 2019

Via: CMSWire

Everywhere you turn, people are talking about customer experience (CX). In fact, an Econsultancy survey found 22% of companies identified CX as the most exciting business opportunity of 2019 — beating content marketing (15%) and mobile marketing (13%). Organizations are […]

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Is AI Poised to Make Bigger Play for Email?

July 31, 2019

Via: CMSWire

Steph Locke, CEO of Nightingale HQ, has 11 interviews scheduled for the next day in her Outlook account. A message arrives: does she need to book some time for herself as well? Well, actually she does, but Locke knows that […]

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Email signatures that drive conversions

July 30, 2019

Via: Smart Insights

Professional email signatures are probably the most efficient digital marketing channel. They are comparatively cheap and easy to utilize while the increase in conversion rate they grant may actually be huge. However, if you want your email footer to bring […]