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The 10 most common mistakes of marketing agency owners

October 14, 2019

Via: Smart Insights

If you’re running a marketing agency, you probably know a thing or two about offering marketing services to your clients. But with the pace of digital transformation and new trends emerging all the time, ‘to err is human’, you may […]

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Samsung’s Galaxy Home Bixby speaker quietly missed another launch date

October 4, 2019

Via: The Verge

The Samsung Galaxy Home did not ship in Q3 of this year, the most recent launch window for the Bixby-powered smart speaker announced more than a year ago. Samsung’s third financial quarter ended on September 30th. Back in April Samsung […]

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Not all commerce APIs are created equal and why you should care

October 1, 2019

Via: Get Elastic

The ProgrammableWeb directory eclipsed the 22K API mark in June 2019, highlighting the growing importance of APIs in today’s modern digitally connected world. APIs are an extremely important part of any modern commerce solution. They are required to deliver consistent […]

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4 ways to be optimizing for voice search

September 20, 2019

Via: Get Elastic

Once dismissed as just a fad, voice search has shown real staying power. In fact, research shows that voice search is on the rise. According to statistics by Dialogtech, we can expect half of all online searches to be voice […]

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The Power of Geofence Marketing

August 19, 2019

Via: CMSWire

Advances in technologies like GPS and RFID are enabling a new wave of digital marketing campaigns based on geography. Given that nearly half of marketers are using location data to make appropriate offers to customers, it’s safe to say that […]

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8 Ways to Fix Common Post-Launch Website Redesign Problems

April 17, 2019

Via: CMSWire

The top three reasons visitors leave your site, according to a website design study by GoodFirms, are slow loading speeds, a lack of mobile responsiveness and bad navigation. That means visitors want responsive design, simple and user-friendly navigation and fast-loading […]

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Unknown Motorola phone with four cameras leaks

April 3, 2019

Via: The Verge

The prevailing strategy in the mobile space as far as cameras go these days seems to be “more is always better,” and leaks (courtesy of OnLeaks, posting at CashKaro) of a new, as yet unknown Motorola device featuring four rear […]

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What’s all the hype with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

January 17, 2019

Via: Get Elastic

Progressive Web App (PWA) has been the latest buzzword for tech and mobile practitioners, but it’s more than just jargon – and it’s not all just hype. PWAs drive performance and represent a new model of web applications. These applications […]

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Why mobile should make every business more customer-centric

December 20, 2018

Via: Smart Insights

How mobile marketing can be used to support customer service A lot of attention is given to the way mobile devices have changed the way we communicate at work and how marketers can target consumers. But the big secret of […]

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How to use mobile apps to grow your startup

November 15, 2018

Via: Smart Insights

Ever since the smartphone revolution began, a lot of opportunities have opened up that can help businesses to thrive. The combination of mobile apps and new age startups has the potential to change the rules when it comes to business. […]