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Amazon advertising bucks Q1 digital slowdown with help from automation

April 28, 2023

Via: Marketing Dive

Amazon’s ad sales remained resilient in Q1 despite an uncertain economic environment that has led marketers to tap the brakes on spending. Like many in the tech world, the company took care to highlight the benefits of automation in improving […]

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5 ways automation can keep social media managers sane

April 3, 2023

Via: Social Media Today

The pressure to build engaged communities across multiple social media platforms has skyrocketed, but many companies haven’t empowered their social media managers with the resources they need to succeed. Here’s what life looks like for today’s typical social media manager: […]

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PayPal alum latest to take CFO seat for Zepz

September 29, 2022

Via: Payments Dive

The company will be focusing on setting “a number of strategic priorities in place” for the remainder of the year, Mitchell said in an interview, noting that while the company had gone through “some type of slowdown in terms of […]

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Walmart plots 4 new ‘next generation’ fulfillment centers

June 3, 2022

Via: Retail Dive

Walmart plans to build four new high-tech fulfillment centers over the next three years that would include automation, machine learning and robotics while also collectively employing more than 4,000 new workers. The first “next-generation” facility is scheduled to open this […]


B2B News for May 31, 2022: Catching Up with Robotics and Automation

May 31, 2022

Via: B2B News Network

The use of robotics in warehouse automation just got a boost. As the world’s billionaires race each other to new frontiers in space while fighting unionization efforts to ensure a living wage for earthlings, Locus Robotics, a producer of autonomous […]

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Google Debuts Marketing Updates, Amplitude Launches CDP, More News

May 27, 2022

Via: CMSWire

Google made some product announcements at its Google Marketing Live conference this week. YouTube Shorts Adds Video Action Campaigns Marketers can leverage Video action campaigns and App campaigns in the YouTube Shorts platform globally. Further, product feeds connected to campaigns […]


B2B News for Tuesday, April 19th, 2022: Acquisitions, Appointments and a Blended Finance Event

April 19, 2022

Via: B2B News Network

With the holiday weekend behind us, there were several acquisitions announced, several appointments made and there is a hashtag you will be wanting to follow on social media today. Versapay, a leader in Collaborative Accounts Receivable, announced yesterday it has […]

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Social Media Advertiser Musts: Multi-Platform Strategy, Automation

March 9, 2022

Via: E-Commerce Times

Digital retailers are ramping up their social media advertising budgets to pitch products where shoppers gather socially. But brands need to employ automation strategies to replace traditional manual steps and add multi-platform approaches to remain successful, according to a report […]

Shipping & Fulfillment

The Shipping Industry Post-Pandemic: Overcoming the Supply Chain Problem

February 15, 2022

Via: B2B News Network

The global supply chain is in turmoil, a situation that has spelled disaster for a wide variety of industries. Grocery store shelves remain unstocked, high-demand products are off shelves, and customers are hoarding what they can get in a frenzy, […]

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Marketing Automation: Seven Machine-Learning Use Cases

October 6, 2021

Via: MarketingProfs

An effective way to improve marketing performance and increase sales is to use machine-learning (ML) technology to help improve and automate your marketing. The marketing automation software market will almost triple by 2026, reaching $19.66 billion, according to Mordor Intelligence. […]


Microsoft, LinkedIn, Teams Pulled Together, Google Offers up Spaces & More News

September 10, 2021

Via: CMSWire

Every week, it seems Microsoft is offering up something that’s worth a look and this week is no different. In fact, after throwing around dates for the return to the physical workplace over the past few months, the Redmond, WA-based […]

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Mendix Announces the Availability of the Mendix 9 Low-Code Platform

April 30, 2021

Via: СMSWire

Mendix, a low-code application development with Siemens Business, has announced the general availability of Mendix 9. Labelled an all-in-one low-code platform, this current iteration of the platform extends the core low-code principles of abstraction and automation to data integration, artificial […]

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Why Your Social Media Strategy Needs Less Automation

April 1, 2021

Via: CMSWire

Automation tools have been helping streamline processes and ease marketers’ lives as they try to juggle various channels, tasks, and campaigns daily. In particular, social media has become a critical component of the marketing strategy for any business and one […]

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2021 Search marketing: The year of automation

January 20, 2021

Via: Searchenginewatch

Pull up your phone and search for any good or service, what do you see? In today’s Google and Microsoft search experiences, you will see loads of images and other visual content staring back at you. The search engine results […]

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Fools Rush In: Think Through Digital Transformation Strategy in 2021

January 4, 2021

Via: CMSWire

A number of digital transformation trends have become established as we enter the new year. It is clear, for example, that many people will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future, and that a large portion of them […]

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B2B paid search forecast: What to expect in 2021

December 10, 2020

Via: Searchenginewatch

2020 was a tough year for many industries, but for the B2B industry, demand remained strong. Paid search budgets increased in many cases, as B2B companies invested more in digital marketing. The end of Q1 hurt performance, but things started […]

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How Businesses Can Benefit from Web Browser Automation

October 21, 2020

Via: CMSWire

As innovation continues to drive the world forward, companies are constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce menial tasks and replace them with tasks that drive revenue. Developers are some of the key players in streamlining workflows over recent […]


Looking to Automate Your Workplace? Here Are Some Things to Consider First

June 8, 2020

Via: CMSWire

In the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown, many organizations are looking to technology to find a solution to the problems of remote working and even diminished staff numbers as the economic fallout from the crisis kicks-in. Automation, or Robotic Process […]


AI: Chatbots Versus Human Customer Service

May 6, 2020

Via: DigitalistMag

Technology has always fascinated humans. We’re constantly looking for better ways to perform tasks in order to maximize our profitability and effectiveness, whether in sports, business, education, research and development, governance, agriculture, or arts and culture. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology […]


Creating Business Value With Intelligent Automation

January 6, 2020

Via: DigitalistMag

Intelligent technologies can change how we work and live. Too many business users spend too much time each day on repetitive, boring tasks that they do not need to do and, more importantly, do not want to do. Using intelligent […]