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NBA scores by personalizing emails with blend of timely content

March 20, 2023

Via: Marketing Dive

Email marketing, one of digital marketing’s original channels, remains a robust market and could get a boost with the deprecation of third-parties cookies as some brands may put a bigger focus on leveraging first-party data to build stronger relationships with […]


Are You Suffering from Account Blindness in B2B Marketing?

April 4, 2022

Via: CMSWire

If you work in the B2B world, you’ve almost certainly been the target of B2B marketing and sales. Most likely, many times per day. And it’s not pretty. So while you know that such marketers and salespeople are smart and […]

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Identify missed opportunities in your email marketing

April 28, 2020

Via: Smart Insights

There’s no question that email marketing is one of the key opportunities for almost any marketing team. When thinking about it, newsletters and other promotional emails are usually the first to come to mind. Few marketing teams give serious attention […]

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12 Email marketing best practices for sales

November 11, 2019


Everybody may be talking about witty tweets, quick-tip videos, and memorable memes, but there is one marketing tool that remains powerful after all these years: emails. But an effective email marketing strategy in the 2000s may not work in 2019 […]


Gmail adds email scheduling and Smart Compose improvements for its 15th birthday

April 1, 2019

Via: The Verge

Gmail turns 15 today, and to celebrate Google is launching some minor updates: improving Gmail’s Smart Compose function and giving users the option to schedule emails. The updates to Smart Compose are pretty vague. Google unveiled the feature back in […]

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5 Smart Tactics for Skyrocketing Online Sales

January 18, 2018


As an online shopper, I can tell you firsthand that not all experiences are created equally. Especially over the holiday shopping season, I often found myself frustrated with different aspects of checkouts, shopping from my smartphone, and product sorting. Other […]

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Email marketing is still worth taking seriously in 2018

December 18, 2017

Via: Smart Insights

Review your approach to email marketing by reviewing the latest trends As 2017 draws to a close, we start to reflect on which channels worked the hardest for us. As marketers, this helps guide where we focus our efforts in […]

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Say it with emails – how to enjoy holiday season emails

December 7, 2017

Via: itCurated

During the holiday season it is customary to reach out to your business partners or to your customers with seasonal messages. Be it to promote your offers, to transmit greetings or pleasantly mark this joyous (and prosperous) time of year, […]

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21 Email Marketing Statistics That Will Make You Rethink Email Marketing

May 9, 2017

Via: Jeff Bullass Blog

It’s no secret that email is still the most effective marketing channel when it comes to ROI… but not all emails are created equal. Top performing marketing departments are seeing 2.5 times the ROI of the average. So what’s the difference between […]


Before Replying To An Email, Practice The 5-Minute Rule

October 10, 2016


Too many times, I’ve immediately replied and too many times it either wasn’t what I wanted to say, wasn’t phrased in the way I wanted to say it or wasn’t something that was received well at all. Here’s what to […]

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Google’s ‘customer match’ now lets you keep emails indefinitely

May 18, 2016

Via: itCurated

Google has now announced a change of policy which means customer match lists will no longer expire after a maximum of 180 days, as they used to. Now any contacts set to expire at the maximum 180 days will automatically […]

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Why Do Consumers Sign Up for Marketing Emails?

April 21, 2016

Via: itCurated

Why do the vast majority of consumers who sign up for marketing emails actually do such a thing? Turn out, this is a very self-motivated group. Per the findings of a recent survey conducted by Adestra, 85% of those polled […]


Global Manager: Getting It Just Right for the Web

February 1, 2016

Via: itCurated

Image Credits: “The idea from the outset was that we were always going to get money out of advertorial content — brand-funded content as opposed to banner ads. Most normal blogs produce content and expect to make money out […]

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19 Free Email-marketing Tools, to Improve Results

January 11, 2016

Via: itCurated

Email marketing continues to be an effective way to reach customers and prospects. And there are a variety of free online tools available to help you enhance your email campaigns. Here is a list of free tools to improve your email […]

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6 After-order Emails to Boost Ecommerce Sales

August 13, 2015

Via: itCurated

When online retailers use email to market to loyal customers, those stores are applying one of their most effective marketing tools to some of their richest sales prospects. Repeat customers are significantly more valuable than new shoppers. Shoppers familiar with […]