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CRO Case Study: How we increased our lead conversion quality with research and copywriting changes

June 25, 2019

Via: Smart Insights

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to keep monitoring and reviewing your key sales pages – are they converting, how much is it costing per user to convert and how can you improve conversions? At Smart Insights, we’ll […]

Advertising & Marketing, Technology

How to use CRO as a power boost for paid search, social ads and SEO  

April 23, 2018


If you are doing paid search, paid social or SEO, and are not optimizing your conversions, you might be leaving money on the table. Here is a true story shared by Momoko Price, partner at Kantan Designs: a company was […]


Making the business case for more investment in CRO

May 26, 2016

Via: itCurated

According to the Customer Journeys research we conducted with the eCommerceExpo conference, surprisingly few business are actively involved in CRO – 33% of companies have limited or zero conversion rate optimization (CRO) activity. Instead, it seems that many people/business are opting […]