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180 Marketing Founder: 4 Buckets to SEO

June 17, 2022

Via: Practical Ecommerce

To Jeff Oxford, the founder of Oregon-based 180 Marketing, search engine optimization boils down to four buckets. Link-building, he stresses, is the priority. “The first [bucket] is link building from quality sites,” he told me. “You might have good content […]

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13 Platforms for Blogging

May 23, 2022

Via: Practical Ecommerce

Writing a blog is one of the best ways to establish expertise within an industry and drive traffic to your website. There are a variety of platforms available to launch and manage a blog at little or no expense. Here […]

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8 Tips To Minimize Bounce Rate on Blog Pages

July 8, 2021

Via: CMSWire

Blogs can be a great way to connect more deeply with customers, visitors, and prospects, but they’re not without their challenges and minimizing your content’s bounce rate can be a big one. The truth is that there are many reasons […]

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Link building in 2018 (and beyond): 6 techniques that work

September 10, 2018


Ever since the onset of SEO, the factors that search engines use to determine which site to rank over another keep changing. Techniques have gone and go, but one thing remains constant: links are still as valuable and relevant as […]

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Blogging Platforms Compared: WordPress vs Tumblr vs Blogger

August 13, 2018

Via: CMSWire

In some circles, a blog sounds like a humble website where one shares their latest holiday snaps. But in the corporate world, blogging has the underlying dimensions of inbound marketing. In a report by HubSpot, 69 percent of businesses attribute […]


Blogging attracting leads – see how it works

February 25, 2018

Via: Olivia Foster

Nowadays it is not unusual for many businesses to show their online presence via one or more blogs, in addition to the usual social media accounts. Regardless of whether the on-premises designated employees or third parties administer the representative blog, […]


The 7 Best Ways to Fight Banner Blindness

May 26, 2016

Via: itCurated

Banner blindness happens when people ignore banner ads. Think of yourself for a second. You probably saw a few banners today. Do you recall any of them or their offers? Many studies have shown that online users ignore banner ads […]


9 Tips to Efficiently Run an Ecommerce Content Team of One

January 8, 2016

Via: itCurated

If you’re a content team of one, it can certainly be tough to manage everything. From staying on top of best practices, to being ready to newsjack the latest trending article, you need to always be ideating and responsive to […]

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6 Ecommerce CTAs Every Online Store Needs to Optimize

April 17, 2015

Via: itCurated

CTAs –– or calls-to-action –– are a distinct language used in your site that encourages your visitor to do something, to take a desired action. Most of the time, that desired action is a click taking them to more information. […]