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Meta Launches Info Hub To Ensure Developers Operate Within Its Rules

April 10, 2024

Via: Social Media Today

Meta’s looking to ensure that developers stay within the rules when using its API, with the introduction of a new hub that provides overviews of its rules and regulations designed to ensure responsible app development. Meta’s “Responsible Platform Initiatives” hub […]

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Threads Launches Live Test of its API, Enabling Content Scheduling in Some Third Party Apps

March 1, 2024

Via: Social Media Today

Good news for social media managers, and a potentially significant update for Threads engagement overall, with Meta’s Twitter-like platform now live testing its API with selected partners, enabling, among other things, post scheduling in the app. As explained by Jesse […]

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SEO Product Releases: July 2023

July 20, 2023

Via: Practical Ecommerce

Robust search engine optimization relies on the latest technology and tools. What follows are 10 recent releases and upgrades from SEO tech providers. SEO Product Releases Ahrefs launches Web Explorer. Ahrefs’ new Web Explorer uses the platform’s own search engine, […]

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Twitter Considers New Option to Set a Reminder on Individual Tweets

March 15, 2023

Via: Social Media Today

This seems a little mean-spirited – though unintentionally, I would assume. Today, Twitter designer Andrea Conway has shared a new mock-up of a possible functionality that would enable users to set a notification to be reminded of a specific tweet, […]

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TikTok Will Provide More Insight into Content Trends and Moderation via New Research Initiative

July 27, 2022

Via: Social Media Today

Under increasing scrutiny from regulators, and amid various lingering questions and concerns about its ownership and its content approach, TikTok is looking to provide more assurance that it’s not censoring certain content, or amplifying certain perspectives, via new API access […]

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Are TikTok and Other Emerging Channels Too Ephemeral to Track?

June 13, 2022

Via: Social Media Today

With over 1 billion users — and 105 million in North America alone — TikTok is a centerpiece of cross-generational conversations, pop culture references, and daily use. From a top-level view, it’s no wonder our dopamine-driven brains have registered accounts […]

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Facebook Launches New Multi-Participant AR Effects Option for AR Developers

June 2, 2021

Via: Social Media Today

With interest in AR rising, and people becoming more accustomed to connection via video calls and virtual hangout tools, Facebook has today announced the next stage of its AR development options, with a new Multipeer API for digital effects, which […]

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How APIs Are Powering the Modern Internet

April 28, 2021

Via: CMSWire

APIs, short for Application Programming Interfaces, allow one system to talk to another. You may be familiar with the concept of an API if you have ever used a service like Twitter or Facebook. These companies offer software developers access […]

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Not all commerce APIs are created equal and why you should care

October 1, 2019

Via: Get Elastic

The ProgrammableWeb directory eclipsed the 22K API mark in June 2019, highlighting the growing importance of APIs in today’s modern digitally connected world. APIs are an extremely important part of any modern commerce solution. They are required to deliver consistent […]

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Hype in Digital Commerce: 5 Rising Technologies to Watch

December 6, 2017

Via: Get Elastic

Digital commerce is playing a pivotal role in customer experience strategies. The world’s leading research firm, Gartner, recognized that digital commerce is a key way to acquire customers, develop relationships, drive revenue and reduce costs.1 Digital commerce initiatives affect both […]

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Free Zip Code API Every Developer Should Know

March 21, 2017

Via: Hongkiat

The US is full of zip codes regulated by the USPS. These can pose a confusing mess to organize manually. The free Zip Code API is way simpler and it makes pulling zip codes a breeze. At the moment it […]

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Tame microservices complexity with APIs

August 26, 2016

Via: Basic One Ecomm

If IT today has a watchword, that word is “speed.” At the same time, IT is expected to protect the organization’s crown jewels (company finances and private customer records) and to keep services available and responsive. The message: Go faster, […]

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Instagram launches API for ads

August 6, 2015

Via: itCurated

Instagram officially switched on its ads API yesterday, a big move towards becoming a major mobile advertising platform. This represents an enormous leap, because now marketers can buy ads on Instagram in an automated fashion for the first time. Previously […]


Red Hat Partnership with 3scale Promises Better API Adoption

February 12, 2015

Via: itCurated

An open source software giant is partnering with an API management platform vendor to equip enterprises with better API programs, company officials said. Red Hat, the 22-year-old open source provider with more than 7,000 employees, is joining forces with 3scale, a […]