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How Healthcare Providers Are Looking to Improve Customer Experience

December 14, 2018

Via: CMSWire

Healthcare providers are exploring different ways to improve customer — in this case, patient — experience, to make different aspects of planning and receiving treatment more convenient. These efforts are providing unexpected internal benefits as well, said Greg Poffenroth, director […]


Google and Microsoft Announce Back to Back Email Updates (Again)

September 19, 2016

Via: CMSWire

Google’s upgrades aim to make its Inbox experience better on mobile devices, particularly smartphones. In a blog post about the upgrades, Pierce Vollucci, product manager at Google discussed the issues that arise when reading email — most of which is still formatted […]

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Why Mobile First is No Longer Enough; It’s Time To Think About Mobile Only Design

March 18, 2016

Via: itCurated

For the last few years, “mobile first!” has become the mantra among savvy digital marketers. But a mobile first approach seems to be more of an ideology than it is a standard in digital design. Recent research shows that marketers […]

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It’s About the Customer Experience; So, Why Is Your Brand Ignoring Customers?

August 14, 2015

Via: itCurated

Humans are emotional creatures and they want experiences that engage them as humans. They’re not eyeballs, impressions, views, likes, shares, clickthroughs, or conversions. A few weeks ago, I visited New York on a beautiful summer day to participate in an […]

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14 Troubling Trends with Agencies

March 5, 2015

Via: itCurated

Since we operate our own agency assisting marketing technology companies, we know all to well the trials and tribulations of the agency industry. As a boutique agency, we have an advantage in that we can be very picky with our […]