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How luxury brands can drive results for paid ads on LinkedIn

June 5, 2023

LinkedIn’s ad revenue continues to grow, although the rate has slowed. In a tough marketplace, LinkedIn is itself calling attention to how its user base of business professionals are also consumers and ones who earn more on average than users of other social media platforms and are more likely to click on relevant ads. VidMob’s research reflects some creative best practices on LinkedIn for the luxury market, which is expected to grow to $369.8 billion by 2030.

Beyond the importance for luxury brands to focus on visual storytelling and music in creative for LinkedIn, the findings also indicate that showing an artisan at work led to a 3.2% lift in consideration for videos with a 100% view through rate (VTR) and a 9% lift in awareness. Highlighting the hero product before giving a full-view shot also resonated with consumers, resulting in a 242% lift in performance for ads with a 25% VTR and a 5.5% click-through rate.

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