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5 Entry-Level Marketing Projects for AI Newbies

May 5, 2021

Via: CMSWire

Marketing teams are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to improve results, with marketers investing over $227 million in AI-based technologies in 2018 alone, according to Statista.

Yet many companies have yet to use AI or have just started exploring it recently. So what are the best entry-level AI projects in the CX/martech stack to establish success? Below are five recommendations.

1. Better Use of IVAs

“With the rise of low-code technologies, we’re witnessing a Cambrian explosion of AI projects that are considered low-hanging fruit for marketers and customer experience professionals,” said Jen Snell, vice president, product strategy and marketing, Intelligent Self-Service, Verint. “We’re now seeing immense success with automated interactions at the start of customer journeys, which is an area where most marketers are focused.”

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