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Google trends in COVID-19 times and how to use them in your content strategy

April 29, 2020

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With the coronavirus pandemic now nearing its peak in many parts of the U.S., search trends are rapidly evolving in ways many search marketers have never seen before. Changes are happening almost daily, and traditional search volume as a monthly […]


Creating a Digital Transformation plan

July 24, 2019

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Digital Transformation is a focus for many organizations right now and as you can see from the Google Trends search volumes, it’s increasing in popularity recently. As with any change within an organization, there are many challenges (as shown in […]

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How to use Google Trends for SEO

December 11, 2017


Google Trends, first launched in 2006, provides marketers with invaluable insights into how people search on the world’s most popular search engine. In its earlier guises, Trends (or Insights for Search, as it was previously known) was a rather static […]

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Crank Up Your Content Marketing by Identifying These 6 Gaps

February 24, 2015

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I had the pleasure of doing a webinar yesterday as part of Instant E-Training’s Content Marketing Virtual Summit. You can still register for free, watch the recordings, and download the ebooks and presentations. My specific topic is on a strategy […]