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5 Wearable Gadgets You’ve Never Heard Of That Will Improve Your Life

August 30, 2017


In an age where digital is quickly replacing analog, technology has seemingly become ingrained in our everyday lives. From the moment we wake up to the alarm on our phones to the second we finish streaming our evening shows online, […]

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This smartwatch helps you capture important moments in your life

April 14, 2017

Via: TheNextWeb

Vienna-based firm What? is working on a radically different kind of smartwatch that focuses on sharing moments with people in your circle. Pair the stylish new Monograph watch with your phone and hit the bold red button alongside its crown […]


Challenges Still Exist for AI, VR and Driverless Cars.

March 16, 2017


Twenty years ago, your family probably would have laughed you out of the room if you predicted that we’d have one day have internet-enabled lighting. Lo-and-behold, smart lights are here to stay. These advances are evident everywhere in our lives, […]


Nintendo Fans Get Their Hands on the Switch

March 7, 2017

Via: Ecommerce Times

Nintendo’s Switch made its debut at retail stores on Friday in one of the gaming industry’s most anticipated product launches. The console, which retails for US$299.99, is Nintendo’s attempt to revolutionize the industry by offering a device that can provide […]


Autonomous passenger drones will fly you across Dubai starting this July

February 15, 2017

Via: TheNextWeb

If you haven’t yet been to Dubai, this summer might be a good time to visit. Starting this July, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates will see people traveling across its skies in single-passenger drones. That’s according to […]

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5 Coolest Gadgets Your Company Needs to Try in 2017

February 7, 2017


Life is short. Why not outfit your office with some new gadgets in 2017 that will improve your day, make you more productive, and make everyone a little happier? These are my favorite techie devices so far in 2017, the […]

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Updated Apple Store app allows users to buy favorite items from the Apple Watch itself

December 5, 2016

Via: Apple Insider

With version 4.1 of the app, users can favorite items from the Apple website or from another iOS device, and pay with Apple Pay directly from the Apple Watch. Purchasing from favorites is limited to accessories, such as cases and […]


Apple Wants to Take on Snapchat With Smart Glasses of Its Own

November 16, 2016


Apple is working on a pair of smart glasses. The product would be introduced in 2018 at the earliest, Bloomberg reported Monday, citing an unnamed source. The project is advanced enough to be in talks with suppliers, the report said. The […]

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Microsoft will reveal more of its VR headset plans in December

November 2, 2016

Via: The Next Web

At its Windows 10 event last week, Microsoft dropped a huge bomb on the world of VR with the announcement of affordable headsets that will allow you to enjoy mixed reality experiences without the need for tracking stations and a […]

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Counterpoint: Snapchat’s ‘Spectacles’ are a joke that prove people will buy anything

September 27, 2016

Via: TheNextWeb

Earlier today we ran a piece by the infamous — and admittedly much cooler than me — Juan Buis titled: ‘Think Snapchat’s Spectacles are weird? I’m sorry, but you’re old.’ As an old guy myself (34) I felt it was my duty […]