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Beyond Spreadsheets: The Power of Modern Asset Management Tracking

December 27, 2023

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Effective asset management is vital for businesses to maintain productivity and maximize profitability. In the past, traditional methods relied heavily on tracking using spreadsheets. While this approach sufficed at those times, the complexities of business demanded a more efficient and […]

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Colocation Sell-Offs, Procurement Platform Partnerships and a New Rosie the Riveter for the She-cession

March 31, 2021

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We’ve got news from the data centre, more from procurement platforms and some from the world of feminist business. The Toronto-based Aptum is changing. The company is selling its Canadian colocation business to eStruxture. “We are excited to complete the […]


From Maps To Apps: Why We Need A New Generation Of ERP

September 18, 2019

Via: DigitalistMag

Those of us of a certain age remember the AAA paper road maps and the hassle of unfolding and refolding them after every use. Or following directions that referred to landmarks like local pubs and corner stores. Perhaps, if you […]

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Self-Assessment: Are You Already Doing ERP DevOps?

March 25, 2019

Via: DigitalistMag

DevOps is a key element of many enterprise IT strategies as digital transformation drives the need for greater efficiency and higher speed. However, teams responsible for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software sometimes feel like they’re not surfing the same wave. […]


Tipping Point For Cloud ERP And Big Companies

February 16, 2017

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Enterprise resource planning – the core software that powers most large businesses – has reached a crucial tipping point. By 2020, industry analysts believe that four out of every 10 of large organizations will have at least 60% of their […]

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The Consumer Internet of Things is About to Explode

August 24, 2016

Via: Get Elastic

In industrial manufacturing, machine-to-machine communications allows sensors in one place to communicate with control systems for an automated response. For example, if the temperature in a commercial food processor reached a critical high, a sensor could send that information through […]