image credit: Pixabay

eBay International Standard Delivery Doesn’t Always Use the Shipping Hub

January 16, 2023

During last week’s eBay for Business podcast, a seller asked why most of the time, packages sent via eBay International Standard Delivery went to eBay’s processing center before being forwarded to the customer, but sometimes eBay directed the seller to send it directly to their customer’s address. The seller also wondered about seller protection for items that do not go through eBay’s shipping hub.

For example, the seller said, “I noticed that a recent sale for $11.09 cents went direct to Canada, but a sale to Canada after that for $29.99 went to Elk Grove. Is the value of the package the deciding factor or some other reason? Can I assume the same seller protections apply whether the package goes directly to Canada or to an eBay center?”

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