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How Apple and Google’s Tracking Rules Are Impacting Advertisers and Marketers

April 6, 2021

Via: CMSWire

Recently, Apple and Google each announced changes that will have the effect of limiting the ability of apps and websites to track users online and through mobile apps. Although the changes have yet to occur, marketers and advertisers need to start paying attention, as each will be heavily impacted by these upcoming changes.

Apple, Identifier for Advertisers, and Privacy Labels

Between Google’s and Apple’s announcements, the digital advertising and marketing industries are reeling, and Apple’s recent shift will impact the entire app experience. “App developers and marketers will need to make changes to focus on first-party data, building a strong and loyal customer base, and creating an experience that’s worth paying (or seeing ads) for,” said Justin Bauer, SVP of products at Amplitude, a product intelligence platform provider.

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