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Google wants to bring encryption to all with Adiantum

February 11, 2019

Via: The Verge

Google has a new form of encryption called Adiantum that’s designed to bring storage encryption to cheaper Android devices without impacting performance. Currently, devices such as low-powered Android Go smartphones, smart watches, and TVs fall below Google’s performance requirements for […]


26 Steps to Creating a Successful Ecommerce Business in 2015

April 21, 2015

Via: itCurated

By 2017, ecommerce sales are estimated to reach $434 billion in the United States. We’ve been actually developing this site to add some ecommerce solutions and strategies after testing some automated reporting solutions last year. Much more to come in […]

E-payment & Security

TigerText secure messaging for BYOD and enterprise mobile users

March 25, 2015

Via: itCurated

TigerText offers secure messaging for mobile users while maintaining compliance with HIPAA, FINRA and other compliance standards. TigerText is an encrypted and real-time messaging app for enterprises. The company focuses on the healthcare market, pharmaceuticals, and the financial industry where […]