image credit: Unsplash

TikTok Implements Self-Attributing Networks (SAN) to Improve Ad Performance Tracking

September 19, 2023

With recent research showing that TikTok campaign conversions are radically under-attributed, due to the limitations of last-click measurement methods, TikTok’s now working to implement new and improved ad measurement solutions, which will ensure more accurate reporting of ad campaign performance, and likely drive more TikTok as spend as a result.

The problem with last-click attribution, TikTok says, is that most TikTok users don’t go searching for products straight away, as they’re on the app to be entertained. So they might see an ad for something of interest in-stream, but then they’ll keep on scrolling, but later, the same user might then go looking for that product. Current ad tracking methods have no way of connecting this activity to the initial ad exposure, which means TikTok gets no credit for driving that engagement.

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