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FCC filings confirm LG is making the Google Pixel 2 XL

September 14, 2017

Via: TheNextWeb

It’s not long until Google unleashes a whole new barrage of Pixel phones at the world. Whilst details surrounding the HTC-made Pixel 2 have slowly dripped out, not much is known about its larger sibling, the Pixel 2 XL. But […]

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Report: Samsung exec confirms the Note 8 is coming next month

July 12, 2017

Via: TheNextWeb

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is set to be revealed next month, according to a report by Korean publication The Investor. The publication claims it was informed by a Samsung executive that the device would be revealed during August, in New York. Another Korean […]

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How JavaScript impacts page loading speed on mobile

June 23, 2017


The effect of JavaScript on mobile web performance is twofold. One, it is the second largest contributor to webpage weight, behind images, thereby increasing download time; and two, once downloaded, the browser then needs to run the script, which can delay the downloading/rendering […]

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First look: Apple launches iPad Pro in new 10.5″ form factor with vibrant 120Hz screen

June 14, 2017

Via: Apple Insider

Just over a week after Apple took the wraps off of its new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, the new premium touchscreen tablet is now available and finding its way into the hands of consumers. AppleInsider offers a first look at Apple’s […]

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How to reduce the impact of images on your mobile site speed

June 9, 2017


Last week, we looked at how to optimize your mobile site speed and test for issues that might be slowing your site down. With Google placing more and more emphasis on mobile site speed and user experience in order to achieve […]

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How to optimize your mobile site speed: Testing for issues

June 2, 2017


The right picture is very useful on mobile and responsive websites. But images that are too large, too numerous and unnecessary simply slow down page load timesand get in the way of the users reading and doing what they need to […]

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How Apple can make the iPad great again

May 17, 2017

Via: Basic One Ecomm

What do you do when you see a ground-breaking product sell hundreds of millions of units and enjoy sky-high user satisfaction? You watch sales steadily drop after that initial wave, not because the fad is over but because the product […]

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7 keys to mobile success in high growth markets

May 16, 2017

Via: TheNextWeb

With smartphone growth in the US dropping to single digits as we enter 2017, and with North America and Western Europe combined now comprising only 20 percent of the global market, businesses are increasingly looking to regions like India, Africa […]

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Samsung made a load of cash this Q1 – even after the Note 7 fiasco.

April 27, 2017

Via: TheNextWeb

It’s always crazy to think about how utterly massive Samsung is. To get a sense of the sheer scale of the South Korean conglomerate, you just have to look at its financial statements. The company has announced its financial results […]

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Mobile Apps Are a Gold Mine for Fraudsters

April 10, 2017


Fraudsters follow the money trail, which now leads to mobile’s two advertising channels—mobile websites and apps. Mobile apps are particularly appealing to fraudsters because in-app inventory commands premium prices, and because the industry has lagged behind in offering app-specific fraud […]