image credit: Unsplash

Twitch launches annual recap with new game, marketing push

December 11, 2023

Twitch is rolling out its annual Twitch Recap end-of-year highlights reel, a feature akin to the popular Spotify Wrapped, as it seeks to celebrate its community and foster stronger connections with viewers. New to this year, the platform has introduced The Twitch Recap Game, which could help it reach its consumer base in a relevant way.

Players are tasked with playing as the Dino character to collect a series of goat heads for the chance to earn a spot at the top of a global leaderboard. Throughout the game, memorable Twitch clips from throughout the year will play in the background. The Twitch Recap Game contains other 2023 references, such as the Dino wearing a beret while videos of TwitchCon Paris play.

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