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Mac Pro concept gives us a peek at the future of upgradeable Apple products

April 13, 2017

Via: TheNextWeb

Last week, Apple admitted a mistake. Hold the applause. After gathering a handful of journalists to what I can only imagine is the company’s secret volcano lair, Apple copped to screwing up the trashcan-shaped Mac Pro, and vowed to do […]

Tech News

Technology and Innovation Conferences That Will Inspire Your Team in 2017

February 27, 2017


It’s impossible for companies to thrive without technology and innovation. Identifying and evolving with industry trends and finding new ways to keep audiences engaged with your brand is what separates successful businesses from the rest. There’s no better time than […]

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Verizon Cuts Better Deal for Breach-Battered Yahoo

February 22, 2017

Via: Ecommerce Times

Verizon and Yahoo on Tuesday announced new terms for the acquisition deal they inked last summer. Verizon will pay US$350 million less than the original contract price, which places the new value of the deal at $4.48 billion. Yahoo will […]

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Here’s Why Uber Agreed to Pay $20 Million on the Same Day It Was Sued by the FTC

January 20, 2017


In a win for greater transparency and accountability in the gig economy, the Federal Trade Commission announced today that Uber has agreed to pay $20 million to settle the agency’s lawsuit alleging that the company misled its drivers. The company’s […]

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Google acquires Twitter’s Fabric mobile development platform

January 19, 2017

Via: TheNextWeb

Over the past couple of years, Twitter has offered developers numerous services to help them build, test, deploy and maintain their apps as part of its modular Fabric platform. Now, the company is selling it off to Google. The move […]


Apple on track to launch three new iPads in spring 2017, but none of them mini

January 9, 2017

Via: Apple Insider

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo issued a note to investors on Sunday, a copy of which was obtained by AppleInsider, in which he indicated that Apple is expected to update the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, to introduce a new design sized […]

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Why Millennials Care About Purpose-Driven Business

December 15, 2016

Via: DigitalistMag

Today’s tumultuous economy makes running any successful business seem like a herculean task. Yet a new wave of purpose-driven businesses are not simply surviving, they are thriving despite a fickle economy. So who’s helping some of the most purpose-driven enterprises become […]

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The Move Toward Glass-To-Glass Internet Ecosystems

December 14, 2016

Via: DigitalistMag

The value chain now exists as a digital network. It is increasingly becoming a “glass-to-glass” Internet ecosystem (GGIE). Glass-to-glass means “from the very beginning to the very end of the chain in the life cycle;” in the entertainment sector, this […]

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No More Lines! Amazon Opening Grocery Stores with No Checkout.

December 6, 2016


In a video published online today, Amazon revealed that it plans to open grocery stores with no cashiers or self-checkout booths – users simply check-in to the store using an app, after which all items that they remove from shelves […]

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5 New Social Platform Features You Need to Know About

November 24, 2016

Via: Social Media Today

There’s always something new in the social media space. Even as we come into Thanksgiving weekend, the platforms continue to release updates and changes – mostly small, but then again, Instagram did release their new live-streaming functionality just this week. […]