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Advertising & Marketing

What Next-Gen CRM Will Look Like: The Coming Accuracy Wave

October 26, 2016

Via: CMSWire

For modern sales reps, customer relationship management (CRM) is at the center of everything they do, whether they like it or not. CRM revenues grew 12.3 percent from 2014 to 2016, according to Gartner — and this upward trajectory is […]


The Next Generation of LinkedIn Career Pages

October 7, 2016

Via: Social Media Today

After years of users asking for a revamp or increased capabilities, LinkedIn has finally done something about it. With the recent announcement of their Next Gen Career Pages, LinkedIn for Business now has an improved product which focuses on its core area – employer […]

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Use, Attention Spans and How to Reach the Next Generation of Social Customers

March 11, 2016

Via: itCurated

The average human attention span is reducing. That’s no big surprise – researchers have been talking about it for years, using the inevitable comparison to a goldfish as the benchmark. But how much have our attention spans actually declined? And, […]