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Top 10 AI Marketing Analytics Tools

April 12, 2024

Via: CMSWire

AI has introduced a new user interface that employs a reasoning engine to connect data reports and structures. This revised workflow accelerates tasks for analysts and reveals key indicators to decision-makers who rely on regular analysis. But marketers still face […]

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How the Different Types of Conversational Marketing Tools Work Together

May 3, 2023

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While it would be nice if we could provide every customer with their own personal concierge during the buying and post-purchase journey, for all but a handful of brands that simply isn’t possible. What’s more, not all customers even want […]


5 must-have e-commerce tools to improve your results

February 6, 2019

Via: Smart Insights

In order to grow and scale your e-commerce business, digital tools are a must: marketing tools for helping you acquire more customers, analytics tools for understanding your audience and improving your strategy, competitor research tools for understanding your competitors and […]

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3 Tools to Make Your Marketing Life Easier

January 22, 2019

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When you work in a startup, almost everyone is forced to wear many hats. It’s a byproduct of trying to optimize progress, amplify market position, and manage investment capital wisely. In our company, everyone plays a role in creating brand […]

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The double impact: combining Email and Facebook

November 21, 2017

Via: Smart Insights

Despite the infamous belief that email is dead, any other marketing channel is unable to boast of the tremendous 3800% ROI that email keeps bringing to those who practice this marketing channel in a proper way. Analyzing from where the […]

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Content Marketing Tools Are Becoming More Diversified

August 23, 2017


Email marketing technology is central to an organization’s content marketing effort, but there’s more to an effective campaign than just an email solution. With automation tools gaining traction and artificial intelligence (AI) improving existing technology, companies’ content marketing tool belts […]