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What Google’s rejection of post-cookie identifiers means for advertisers

March 4, 2021

Via: Mobile Marketer

Google has again disrupted the plans of advertisers and ad-tech providers looking to target and track consumers, saying that it will not build or use alternative user-level identifiers once third-party cookies are phased out. “People shouldn’t have to accept being […]

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Marketer of the Year: Unilever

December 9, 2020

Via: Mobile Marketer

Measuring marketing success in 2020 comes with some heavy caveats, as no business has weathered the year without experiencing disruptions related to the pandemic, protests or whorl of discord around these developments. But if the boat has been rocked for […]

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8 Considerations When Branding Your Chatbot

May 3, 2018

Via: CMSWire

When interviewing potential new employees, you appraise them on multiple levels. Like how they present themselves, what they wear, how they speak and what they say. You ask yourself, “Can I work with this person?” Or more importantly, “Do I […]

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The Booming Digital Signage Industry

September 3, 2015

Via: itCurated

In this fast-paced tech world, there are so many different images competing for customers’ attention that it’s often hard to know what might work best for you and your business. One thing to put at the top of your list, […]