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B2B Digital Marketplaces: Paving The Way Forward In Procurement And Sourcing

May 19, 2020

Via: DigitalistMag

Growing a recognizable brand while remaining cost-efficient are two key imperatives for businesses as they continue to transform their organizations digitally. Procuring software through digital channels and online solutions is increasingly popular as a way to keep pace with these […]

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One profile to serve them all: how a unified customer view drives mar-tech bliss

November 25, 2015

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We know digital will be growing in importance, even with the lion’s share of retail buying still occurring in brick-and-mortar stores. Deloitte researchers, for example, forecast that digital interactions this year will have a bigger impact on spending, influencing 64 […]

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Digital Brands: Focus on Building Authority & Great Content

August 10, 2015

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This interview discusses Danny’s views on how digital marketers should consider what are the key elements in maximizing the return from the plethora of digital channels now available to sell a produce or service. Danny shares some fascinating thoughts on […]