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The Role of Decentralized Wallets in Business Transactions

November 29, 2023

Via: B2B News Network

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital finance, the integration of decentralized wallets into business transactions represents a significant shift. As cryptocurrencies continue to gain momentum, understanding the role and utility of a crypto wallet for business is crucial for companies […]

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Client-Side Bitcoin Wallets: Your Gateway To Hassle-Free Cryptocurrency Management

November 2, 2023

Via: B2B News Network

Cryptocurrency management has evolved significantly since the early days of Bitcoin. One of the most notable advancements in this space is the emergence of client-side Bitcoin wallets, which have redefined the way users interact with their digital assets. In this […]

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Crypto may yet upend payments

January 30, 2023

Via: Payments Dive

Layoffs abound in the crypto world, as they have since early May. The year switched anew on the calendar, yet the sector gets no “new year, new me” shift: More than 26,000 jobs were lost in crypto in 2022. By […]


What B2B Buyers Want, and Ways to Align Your Customer Journeys

November 10, 2022

Via: CMSWire

Brands are cracking the code on what buyers want. ABM, RevOps, intent, AI, PLG, and a whole lot of technology is improving sales productivity and the effectiveness of every marketing dollar. Actually, that’s not true. Instead of codes being cracked, […]

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How Personalization Unlocks the Full Potential of Your Content

September 15, 2021

Via: CMSWire

Visual content marketing continues to grow in importance year after year. Video has been the top form of media used within content marketing for two years in a row, according to Hubspot. Further, people watched more than 12 billion minutes […]


Scale, Automation and Personalization: The Balancing Act for Today’s Brands

June 13, 2019

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Consumer and B2B brands worldwide face no shortage of opportunities — or obstacles — in their pursuit for maximized customer engagement. Personalization, reaching global audiences and supporting and improving mobile experiences are top priorities for many, and for good reason. […]