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7 Ecommerce Design Conventions for 2016

May 16, 2016

Via: itCurated

Online shoppers expect e-commerce sites to follow certain design and layout conventions, including logo position and function, the placement of product navigation, and the use of a “hamburger” menu on mobile devices. When online retailers follow these conventions, shoppers’ expectations are […]

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5 Ecommerce Site Design Trends for 2016

November 9, 2015

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In 2016, e-commerce websites may start to look a lot more alike as designers use a similar set of user interface design patterns, employ cards and card-like layouts, and even use similar ways to get new email subscribers. Often changes […]

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20 Chrome Extensions for Web Design

September 15, 2015

Via: itCurated

Merchants look for ways to improve the design of their online stores. Loading the Chrome browser with the right extensions is a good way to ensure that you keep helpful design tools at hand. Here is a list of Chrome […]