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How to Choose the Right Data Visualization

January 13, 2022

Via: CMSWire

Data is best understood when presented in a visual format rather than text. So how do you choose the visual that best captures what your marketing data is trying to say? In this post I will cover the key considerations […]

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Why We Love Mobile Analytics (And You Should, Too)

January 31, 2018

Via: DigitalistMag

Over the last year, I’ve had conversations with many business leaders, and I can sum up one of their major frustrations in a single sentence: Why is it so hard to understand the data coming from my own company? We […]


The Undeniable Power of Data Mining, Visualization and Infographics for Business

January 12, 2017

Via: Jeff Bullass Blog

Data visualization, or presenting data sets in a visually-appealing way, is becoming quite the rage in today’s data-driven world. Data is collected (and stored) at ever-increasing speeds and data scientists, the people who interpret and turn information into action, are […]