image credit: Unsplash

YouTube Launches New ‘Spotlight Moments’ AI-Based Ad Offering

October 16, 2023

YouTube’s launching a new “Spotlight Moments” ad option, which will enable advertisers to place their promotions within the most popular content around certain themes, like, for example, Halloween, the NBA playoffs, The Oscars, etc.

As explained by YouTube:

“YouTube connects the world during cultural moments and global events. Every day, billions of viewers turn to the platform to engage with content before, during and after major moments. They watch behind-the-scenes footage, highlight reels, fan analysis and more. That’s why this year, we’re continuing to innovate on moment-based ad opportunities. We’re introducing a new AI-driven package called Spotlight Moments, automatically identifying the most popular, relevant videos, making it even easier for advertisers to own the moment around key events, when viewers are most engaged.”

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