image credit: Pixabay

Nike courts next generation of athletes with new Roblox platform ‘Nikeland’

November 19, 2021

Nike is taking its first big step into the metaverse with the immersive new Roblox platform, an online sports park and showcase for the brand’s products, new and old. A move like this was potentially expected after reports surfaced in recent weeks that the company had filed trademarks related to virtual sneakers and apparel.

Still, Nikeland is another signal that blue-chip marketers are taking the metaverse seriously as they try to bridge digital and real-world strategies and engage young consumers who are familiar with gaming while being averse to traditional advertising tactics. Vans, Chipotle and Hyundai are among the other companies experimenting with promotions on Roblox. A recent Vans World activation that carries similarities with Nikeland, like online games and virtual try-ons, drew over 40 million visits, Roblox executives stated.

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