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Google’s FLoC Helps Bring Cookieless Marketing and Privacy Into Focus

Cliffhangers work well for keeping TV show fans mesmerized. For digital marketers, cliffhangers bring more anxiety than anticipation.

Last year Google introduced a doozy of a cliffhanger when it announced Sandbox, a two-year research initiative to eliminate third-party cookies from its Chrome browser.

Last week Google revealed a browser extension containing an API called Federated Learning of Cohorts or “FLoC” — a nickname pronounced as “flock.” FLoC employs a machine learning framework that replaces the browser cookie. It is one of several solutions Google is exploring. In its blog Google Chrome shared that early testing of FLoC examples, showed that this new privacy-preserving ad solutions approach can be similarly effective to cookie-based approaches. Chetna Bindra, the group project manager, feels, “more confident than ever that the Privacy Sandbox is the best path forward to improve privacy for web users.”

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