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3 Ways Marketing Can Accelerate Profitability During a Downturn

September 16, 2022

Via: CMSWire

Will we or won’t we enter a recession? The economic indicators are all over the map, but one thing is clear: SaaS investors have a hawk eye on profitability. As a result, teams are shifting their priorities from growth at all costs to converting qualified leads, and adding value for existing customers.

The good news? The pandemic and its resulting digital transformation has prepared us for this moment. As marketers, we have the tools and the data to understand the customer journey better than ever before. Today, the most critical thing is sales and marketing alignment. According to a recent SugarCRM survey, 63% of sales and marketing leaders agree that team misalignment is hindering growth. And disturbingly, over a quarter of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) never get a follow-up from sales.

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