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What Marketers Need to Know About the Newest Features in Google Analytics 4

June 17, 2021

Via: CMSWire

Google Analytics has been part of most marketing departments’ toolkits for quite some time. With Google being the top ranking search engine globally and the target of many SEO strategies, marketers have relied on Google Analytics for quite a lot. […]

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SEO strategies and keyword rankings: mobile versus desktop

May 8, 2018


While mobile has become hugely significant over the last couple of years, this shouldn’t be to the neglect of desktop. Although SEO for mobile and desktop follow the same basic principles and best practices, there are nuances and discrepancies that […]

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How to get started with local SEO

January 23, 2018


Local SEO proved to one of the biggest trends throughout 2016 and 2017, and is expected to continue doing so throughout 2018. Businesses that have been able to optimize their on-page and off-page SEO strategies are already reaping the supreme […]

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5 Ways Video Content Can Dramatically Boost Your SEO Efforts

January 11, 2018

Via: Jeff Bullass Blog

Google’s ability to differentiate good content from bad is becoming more and more sophisticated. SEO strategies are starting to favour user experience over the link building tactics of old. At the forefront of this change is video content. Although a […]