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PayPal confirms data breach

January 20, 2023

Via: Payments Dive

Credential stuffing is a persistent threat. The form of attack exploits valid credentials stolen during a breach or purchased on the dark web, often in bulk. The damage from credential stuffing can multiply and flow downstream because many individuals reuse […]

E-payment & Security, Technology

Visa’s next CEO sees a world of growth

November 21, 2022

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Visa President Ryan McInerney will not be short on growth goals when he takes over as CEO of the global card network giant Visa next year. When McInerney spoke at a recent bank conference he uttered the word “opportunity” more […]

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Headless E-Commerce System Puts Checkout Button Anyplace It’s Needed

August 19, 2021

Via: Ecommerce Times

Online consumers have voted with their fingers what they think of e-commerce websites that provide a poor experience. In exchange for a less than satisfactory buying experience, shoppers are abandoning their digital shopping carts to show their displeasure. Fast — […]