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Reddit’s Exclusive Data Sharing Deal With an Unnamed AI Company Could Mark a Key Industry Shift

February 19, 2024

Via: Social Media Today

Is Reddit’s data actually worth $60 million per year? That’s reportedly how much an as-yet-unnamed AI development company has paid to gain exclusive access to Reddit’s full data set, which will see said AI company incorporate Reddit user responses into […]

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Google’s Gemini Marketing Trick

December 12, 2023

Via: CMSWire

Google really didn’t have to exaggerate. When the company introduced Gemini last week — its stunning new AI model that beat OpenAI on multiple benchmarks and understands both text and images — it delivered a product that lived up to […]

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Acquia Engage 2023: AI in Marketing’s Evolution

November 16, 2023

Via: CMSWire

EVERETT, Mass. — As assistant director of web services at Florida State University, Debbie Kelly is aware of the rising interest in AI in marketing and naturally wants to create excellent digital experiences for prospective and current students. Find what […]

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10 Best ChatGPT Alternatives for Marketers

October 5, 2023

Via: CMSWire

In the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, staying ahead of the competition often means harnessing the power of the latest tech tools. One such tool creating ripples is OpenAI’s ChatGPT. However, with success comes competition, and today, we have a […]

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Klarna overhauls mobile app with AI-powered shopping feed

April 27, 2023

Via: Marketing Dive

Klarna’s new features see the brand trying to give retailers, creators and shoppers additional incentive to use its app, arriving as mobile shopping continues to gain traction. Perhaps the buzziest of the new features, the AI-powered shopping feed is powered […]

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ChatGPT’s Impact on Customer Experience and Marketing

January 3, 2023

Via: CMSWire

The AI-driven ChatGPT chatbot has been causing leaders across industries to take notice of what many believe to be the most humanlike AI chat interface developed to date. With a chatbot that is capable of producing content and conversations that […]