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What Is Marketing Automation and How Does It Help Marketers?

March 29, 2021

Via: CMSWire

Marketing automation is the process of leveraging software to automate repetitive marketing tasks. Marketers use this software in order to help nurture leads, often through integrations with customer relationship management (CRM) and customer data platform (CDP) software. They also use […]

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Were Digital Experience Platforms Ready for the Digital Onslaught in 2020?

February 17, 2021

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The Digital Experience Platform (DXP) market saw significant investment movement in the early days of 2021. Sitecore announced last month a $1.2 billion “private investment,” something it calls the “largest-ever capital investment in the martech space,” a questionable label whenever […]

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Investigating the Cost, Integration and Other Realities of Digital Experience Platforms

July 16, 2018

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The rise of the phrase “digital transformation” over the last five years is undeniable. Google Trends data from the last five years worldwide confirm its popularity. While it might sound like such, digital transformation is not just another buzzword, but […]

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Hype in Digital Commerce: 5 Rising Technologies to Watch

December 6, 2017

Via: Get Elastic

Digital commerce is playing a pivotal role in customer experience strategies. The world’s leading research firm, Gartner, recognized that digital commerce is a key way to acquire customers, develop relationships, drive revenue and reduce costs.1 Digital commerce initiatives affect both […]