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Instagram Adds More Tools to Help Creators Maximize Branded Content Partnerships

October 22, 2021

Via: Social Media Today

Instagram’s testing some new creator monetization options, ahead of the Christmas shopping push, with a view to helping its most prominent users maximize their earnings potential through branded content arrangements. First off, Instagram’s testing a new ‘Partnerships’ messaging folder within […]

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LinkedIn Publishes New ‘Inclusive Language’ Guide to Help Improve Brand Communications

October 11, 2021

Via: Social Media Today

Inclusion has become an increasingly important focus over the past few years, which has changed the way that brands communicate, and how marketing messages should be framed, often through simple language shifts. It’s an important consideration – according to a […]


Apple Glass could use wireless basestations to offload graphical processing

August 25, 2020

Via: Apple Insider

Devices like the rumored Apple Glass or an Apple-designed VR headset may take an entirely wireless approach when used indoors, by using a relay dock to extend the range of communications to multiple users within a room. One of the […]


How to Encourage Digital Literacy

July 22, 2020

Via: CMSWire

With COVID-19 forcing many offices to close worldwide, digital literacy is becoming a requirement. According to a report by Pew Research Center, however, only 40% of Americans surveyed could correctly answer questions about social media, tech policies and data privacy. […]

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5 steps to creating an integrated marketing communications campaign

December 3, 2019

Via: Smart Insights

The advantages of creating a joined-up, integrated marketing communications (IMC) plan are well-documented and go back over twenty years. Even before the internet really took off businesses, brands and agencies were looking for ways to create consistency across content and […]