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What Is Zero-Party Data?

March 20, 2023

Via: CMSWire

Zero-party data refers to customer information that is intentionally and proactively shared with brands, usually through surveys, forms or preference centers. Unlike first-party data collected directly by companies, zero-party data is based on trust and transparency and can provide valuable […]


Agile marketing – how can you benefit from it?

February 4, 2017

Via: itCurated

Agile marketing is a relatively recent marketing paradigm – it is considered revolutionary because it perfectly adapts to the modern online marketing demands and it integrates the fast changes in demand and rhythm. Older material can be refreshed and new […]


5 Benefits of Twitter’s 140 Character Update for Your Brand or Business

October 4, 2016

Via: Social Media Today

The update Twitter users have longed for is finally here – images and links at the end of tweets will  no longer take up any of your precious 140 characters. The change opens doors for much more in depth communication on the […]

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Why Marketers Should Embrace Predictive Analytics

August 3, 2016

Via: CMSWire

Traditional segmentation for marketing purposes will soon be overtaken by predictive analytics — learning from large volumes of data to segment customer databases based on forecast future trends, estimated future actions, and much more. One of those buzzwords that’s been […]