image credit: Pexels

Facebook Shares New Insights into its Internal and External Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

July 15, 2021

Facebook has provided an update on its efforts to maximize diversity and inclusion, both internally and externally, through a range of initiatives and projects.

And according to the data, it has made progress on virtually all fronts, despite the additional challenges of the pandemic.

As per Facebook:

“Over the last year, we’ve seen growth in underrepresented communities at Facebook. Today, more than 21% of our non-technical employees identify as Black or Hispanic. We’re also proud to report that we had our most diverse intern class ever in 2021, with 44.0% women globally and 20.4% from underrepresented minority communities in the US (Black and Latinx). This year, 4.7% of our US-based employees identify as people with disabilities, and 2.4% identify as veterans. Our LGBTQ+ community makes up 10.6% of our US-based workforce.”

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