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17 Must-have WordPress Plugins for Managing Multiple WordPress Websites

February 6, 2018

Via: Hongkiat

For different kind of sites running on WordPress you need some particular kind of plugins. For instance, for online store, you need e-commerce plugins. Similarly, for photography site you need image-related plugins. However, if you’re a multisite admin, you can […]

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Fresh Resources for Web Developers — December 2017

December 7, 2017

Via: Hongkiat

“Headless CMS” is gaining much attention these days. In a nutshell, “headless CMS” does not deal with the front-end; the CMS only exposes the content usually in a form of RESTful API while the developers may use whatever they prefer […]

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Smart shopping season checklists: Mobile and desktop, content and SEO

November 20, 2017


Constantly changing consumer behaviors and the demand for more personalized, meaningful experiences have retailers facing huge challenges this year. Competition in the SERPs is stiff, but winning the click is still no guarantee that the consumer is invested in your […]

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10 landing page optimization tips for SaaS to generate more leads

October 26, 2017

Via: Smart Insights

Learn the best practices for landing page optimization to help generate quality leads for SaaS Landing pages are the heart of any inbound marketing campaign, mainly because they have the unique ability to convert complete strangers into qualified leads. Surprisingly, […]

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5 HTML Features You Might Not Know About

June 20, 2017

Via: Hongkiat

For a language so simple and easy to learn, HTML surely offers an unexpected amount of useful features, many of which most of us don’t even know about. It’s hard to keep up with times and you may think that […]

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An Introduction to Progressive Web Apps

June 2, 2017

Via: Hongkiat

Most developers have at least heard some buzz around Progressive Web Apps. These are widely supported by tech companies such as Google and are quickly becoming the norm for multi-device web applications. But, what’s exactly the difference between a typical […]

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Analyze Any Website’s Codes with CSS Dig Chrome Extension

May 22, 2017

Via: Hongkiat

There’s a lot you can do with Chrome DevTools from editing live websites to studying detailed HTTP requests. But, the ability to analyze CSS patterns is not baked into the console. With CSS Dig, you can analyze all CSS selectors, […]

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14 Advanced Multipurpose WordPress Themes for Any Type of Project

May 18, 2017

Via: Hongkiat

As the name indicates, a multipurpose theme provides all the necessary features that may go with any type of website. When on one hand, a speciality theme is created with specific set of layout and features, a multipurpose theme provides […]

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Create 3D Web Apps & Graphics with Whitestorm.js

April 28, 2017

Via: Hongkiat

Web games have come a long way thanks to WebGL and related HTML5 APIs. The most prominent open source library for 3D is Three.js. While Three.js is powerful, it’s also complex to learn from scratch. Instead, you can pick up […]

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3 software development trends you don’t want to miss

March 28, 2017

Via: TheNextWeb

The world of software development is a fast paced and ever changing landscape. Developers want to work on exciting things. New tools, languages, frameworks and innovations are constantly emerging and revolutionizing the industry. So, are you taking advantage of these […]