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Facebook confirms it spies on your Messenger conversations

April 5, 2018

Via: TheNextWeb

Facebook revealed this week that it’s scanning users’ Messenger conversations – including text chats, pictures, and links – in an effort to ensure that people play by its rules. CEO Mark Zuckerberg first spilled the beans in an interview with […]

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8 Popular Productivity Apps For Designers in 2018

March 13, 2018

Via: Hongkiat

Are you spending lots of time juggling meetings, project deadlines, and the like? If yes, then eventually you’ll begin to feel that your working life is not supposed to be like that. This can be true for both teams and […]

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Why you should use Facebook Messenger for marketing

March 8, 2018

Via: Smart Insights

Facebook messenger hasn’t been around for that long but it has definitely made an impression. With 1.2 billion active users, ⅙ of the global population is using this app! Messaging apps have become extremely popular overtime, with a lot of […]

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How Progressive Web Apps could rule mobile ecommerce in 2018

March 6, 2018


Championed by Google since 2015, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are set to explode as an option for brands to increase traffic and conversions on mobile. According to a recent study, a 100-millisecond delay can cost a site 7% of its […]

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Facebook and Instagram are down for many users

January 25, 2018

Via: TheNextWeb

We’re here to tell you it’s not just you: both Facebook and Instagram are having experiencing connection problems. While the problem doesn’t seem to affect everyone, several TNW team members are either unable to access the services or are having […]

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Snapchat 101: Why This Social App Is Such A Powerful Marketing Engine

January 3, 2018

Via: Jeff Bullass Blog

Snapchat is one of the most powerful mobile apps on the market today. Although it started off small, it has gained incredible popularity over the years with digital marketers, brands, celebrities, and athletes, to such a degree that it has […]

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10 Mobile Apps that Earn You Real Cash & Rewards

December 28, 2017

Via: Hongkiat

Most apps require you to spend money, but did you know there are apps that could help earn money instead? That’s right, doing some simple tasks like completing surveys and offers or even just using an app, you can make […]

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30 of the best Android apps of 2017

December 27, 2017

Via: TheNextWeb

2017 saw a nice bunch of useful and inventive apps hit the Play store, and a number of our older favorites got some notable updates too. We’ve rounded up 30 of our favorites from our testing through the year – […]

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3 predictions about the future of voice assistant apps in 2018

December 22, 2017

Via: TheNextWeb

Remember when you first starting using mobile apps around 2008? I know I do; I recall how the idea of pressing little iPhone icons for breaking news, emails, shopping needs, and restaurant searches seemed exotic and revolutionary, but it quickly […]

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Instagram now lets you follow hashtags instead of people

December 12, 2017

Via: TheNextWeb

As anticipated, Instagram now lets you follow specific hashtags in addition to individual accounts. The company started testing the feature about a month ago, but is now rolling it out to everyone. It’s a handy addition; following a hashtag could […]