Is WordPress a good choice for SEO?

June 11, 2018

Powering over 30% of all the websites existing over the Internet, WordPress has certainly come a long way since its release on 27 May 2003, by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. It’s 2018 and WordPress continues to grow, steadily yet […]

How to Create a B2B Prioritized Sales List Using SEO

June 6, 2018

Via: CMSWire

The B2B market of any industry is finite. And, as is the case in any other market, the Pareto principle applies: No matter whether you sell directly or through a partner channel, 20 percent of your top business customers or […]

Is There a Chatbot in Your Company’s Future?

May 29, 2018

Via: CMSWire

Don’t look now, but that company rep you thought you were chatting with while shopping online may not have been a live person at all. It may very well have been a chatbot — a computer program designed to mimic […]

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6 Reasons Why Snapchat Is Content Marketing’s Not-So-Secret Weapon

June 14, 2018

Via: Jeff Bullass Blog

Snapchat is a unique social platform and one that has exploded in popularity rather suddenly since its release in 2011. Now reaching around 8 billion views daily (and there are only 7.4 billion of us in the world, remember), the […]

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A Guide to Effective SEO Tactics to Improve Ranking

June 14, 2018

Via: Smart Insights

Here are some SEO Tactics that will be sure to help improve your ranking Broadly, SEO is any activity that helps you improve your ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, and others. With 3.9 billion internet users and […]

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The age of video marketing: How to become a better YouTube marketer

June 13, 2018

Via: Smart Insights

Are you using YouTube to market your business? As one of the biggest search engines in the world and the second biggest website in the world, it’s definitely the place to be. A YouTube channel can help you reach a […]

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Future Macs could adopt Intel’s new, high-performance discrete graphics chips

June 13, 2018

Via: Apple Insider

Initially revealed by CEO Brian Krzanich during an analyst event in early June, Intel plans to offer its discrete GPU in just a few years, reports MarketWatch. An official Intel Twitter account confirmed the news, first by noting the 2020 […]