How to develop an integrated Paid Search and SEO strategy for e-commerce

February 12, 2018

Examples and best practice advice on how to maximise your digital marketing reach with an integrated PPC and SEO approach. When it comes to digital marketing, pay per click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO) are arguably two sides […]

2018 Content Trends You Need to Know Right Now

February 7, 2018


2017 was a big year for content marketing. According to joint research by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, over 60 percent of marketers said their content marketing strategies were more effective than the year before (YAY!). With businesses catching […]

The Best Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In E-Commerce

February 2, 2018

Artificial intelligence is more than just a buzzword, and is now deeply embedded in our daily lives, whether we recognize it or not. Simply put, machines are learning how to assist us with the tasks that we’d usually have to […]

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Are Web Design and Digital Marketing Overrated?

February 15, 2018


We live in a time when the internet has the power to provide solutions to most everyday problems, be it seeking medical advice, making travel arrangements, looking for directions or even buying fresh produce. As someone who has been associated […]

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Valentine’s Day 2018 – Top Brand Marketing Campaigns

February 14, 2018

Via: Smart Insights

Whether you’re hastily booking a last-minute meal for two, or boycotting the societal conventions and watching Netflix at home, in your PJs, it’s that time of the year again! Boyfriends are panic buying 100 roses for £25 at Aldi and […]

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A beginner’s guide to display advertising

February 14, 2018


If you are a business looking to dive into display advertising, it can be overwhelming. In an increasingly digital world, where everybody’s eyes are glued to a screen, most advertising can seem like white noise. So you want to make […]